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09 March, 2020

We were at the 5th International Fastener Fair

We were at the 5th International Fastener Fair on February 27-29! As Norm Holding companies, we had a chance to get together our local and international clients.
01 March, 2020

We attended Eurasia Window Fair

We attended Eurasia Window Fair being one of the most prestigious fairs of the region on March 4-7, 2020. Thank to our visitors for their interest!
06 February, 2020

STD has partipated in Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Fair 2020

STD has partipated in Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Fair 2020 ,which is one of Turkey's largest and Europe's four biggest agricultural fair. STD products were exibiting in Agroexpo 2020 at Fair İzmir.
07 June, 2019

Standard Cıvata Supports Young Students for Robotic Projects

Robot enthusiast students from Another School is Possible Cooperative School - Renkli Orman Schools Kindergarten class, started to carry out projects consisting of fasteners waste with the support of Standard Cıvata.
03 June, 2019

Family Day Event at STD Dilovası Branch

'Family Day Event' which was held at Standard Cıvata Izmir in March, also was held at Istanbul Dilovası branch last week.
01 June, 2019


Today Stanley Black&Decker and Dewalt applied industrial and hand tools training was provided at STD.
17 October, 2018

Standart Cıvata took part in the 21st International ‘Intermob Furniture Sub-Industry, Accessories, Forestry Products and Wood Technology Fair’

‘Intermob Fair’, which opened its doors for the 21st time this year, was held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center between October 13-17.
10 October, 2018

Our new brand STD Ekko's first products started to stand in stocks

The first products of STD Ekko brand, measuring tapes, stand out by their resistance to different sizes of impacts as well as having a special lock system and ergonomic grip.
26 September, 2018

STD Safety Area Curtain and STD Safety Warning Tape are in stocks.

24 September, 2018

Norm Holding Traditional Family Picnic

The traditional picnic, which is held every year, was done this year at İzmir Foça-Hanedan, Salihli -Narlıbahçe and Bursa-Aslanlar Club.
19 September, 2018

Safety Area Curtain at STD, with Qualified Domestic Production

Resistant to ultraviolet rays, long-lasting and not breaking off, safety area curtain is also known by many names such as ‘Orange curtain’, ‘Area Curtain’, ‘Safety net’.
08 August, 2018

Auto Brush SUPER EXTRA is on sale at STD!

01 August, 2018

Non-Slip Stair Tape is at STD

Standard Cıvata, which sets out with the principle of 'Easiness in your life', by taking your safety as a basis, presents you the non-slip tapes that are released on the market under its own brand together with a 2 years warranty.
19 July, 2018

N’Haber is on the air with its New name and New Content!

Norm’s Magazine, in which you can follow Norm Holding activities and developments in the sector, started to meet with our group with its new name.
20 June, 2018

STD 801 Fast Adhesives Make Your Life Easier

STD 801 Fast Adhesives are very easy to use, single component with strong bonding, very fast adhesives that are used in footwear, bags, leather, furniture, white goods, automotive, electronics, mold, pattern, plastic goods, advertising, toys, stationery, textile manufacturing and accessories
29 May, 2018

STD Rulopa Collaboration

09 May, 2018

We were at The Dragon Festival as Norm Holding

We, as Standart Cıvata, also participated in 8th Izmir Inter-Corporation Dragon Festival; that is Turkey’s broadest participated corporate sports organization in which 47 Corporations and 53 teams compete.
30 April, 2018

İzmir Brush Visit from Standard Cıvata

Our STD Group’s salesman came together at Standard Cıvata last week.
05 April, 2018

MCEF ‘Gender Equality ‘ Training

We, as Standard Cıvata, also participated in the provision of the ‘Gender Equality ‘ training that took place in the workplaces together with the collaboration of Mother- Child Education Foundation and Ford Otosan
12 March, 2018

There was intense attendance to the Eurasian PVC Fair which we participated as Standart Cıvata Co.

Standart Cıvata Co. participated to Eurasia PVC Fair which is one of the most prestigious and grand exhibitions of the region, taking place in TUYAP Fair and Congress Center.
05 August, 2017


2. part of the Training of “Social Gender Equality for Homeland”, which is held with Partnership of Acev-Ford Otosan, took place in Manisa Industrial Zone
04 August, 2017


Employees who reached to Final Round with Qualifications held in July, will compete in August and rewards will be given.
22 June, 2017

Istanbul Branch Meeting

Staff from IT Department and Sales&Marketing had came to gether in Istanbul STD Branch.
13 June, 2017

Our ISO 9001: 2015 Trainings Completed

9001:2015 Trainings had been completed with lecturs from TSE.
01 June, 2017

Polish Visitors to STD and Norm Group

Group Companies were visited by our Polish customer after our meeting held in STD.
26 May, 2017

Farewell to Memduh Sahman

Mr. Memduh Şahman, current Sales Manager of Whole sale Department, who had contributed to Standart Cıvata and Norm Group for many years in different departments, had left his position from today.
13 May, 2017

Standart Civata Has Attended Inter-Enterprise Dragon (Rowing Competition) Festival

We have attended the Inter-Enterprise Dragon Festival performed on May 13-14 as Standart Cıvata -‘Super Team of Dragon’. Our team, taking the first place on the first day in all races it has competed in its group has put its signature...
13 May, 2017

Our Export Customer Has Visited Our Companies

We have introduced our companies to our export customers coming from abroad. Our customer who has taken a detailed site seeing tour after the meeting held at Standart Cıvata has not left us alone at Dragon organization.
12 May, 2017

We Have Come In Second In Fair Play ‘Companies Are Competing 80’s Bowling Tournament

In the ‘Companies are Competing 80's' Bowling Tournament organized by Fair Play as an elimination tournament, our Gold Team -1 team has advanced to the finals among 39 teams and has represented our company successfully by taking the second place in the finals.’
08 May, 2017

‘Social Gender Equality’ Training With Cooperation Of Açev Ford Otosan

Training we have attended as Norm Group and Standart Cıvata was on social gender equality and was a social awareness training which all suppliers of Ford Otosan have attended.
14 April, 2017

We Have Started The Meeting Within The Sponsorship Of ÇATIDER…

We have attended 'ÇATIDER' meeting held on April 14-15 in Fenerbahçe Topuk Plateau.
09 April, 2017

We Were At A Fishing Organization Within The Scope Of A Boat Tour With Our Warehouse Personnel...

Our ‘fishing’ activity within the scope of motivation organization is performed on April 9, in Çeşme. Our Warehouse Personnel who have attended by the support of the Administration Affairs Department had joyous time at the organization.
28 March, 2017

Germany Fastener Fair Stuttgart

We have taken our place at Germany 'Fastener Fair Stuttgart Fair' with our ‘Standart Cıvata’ Export team within Norm Group body on the dates 28-30 March.
21 March, 2017

The Bests Of The Sector Have Met At Konya Agriculture Fair!

Caner Melek, General Manager of Standart Cıvata have answered the questions directed to him at Konya Agriculture Fair.
01 January, 2017

Tax Awards Ceremony

‘Awards Ceremony of the Successful Members Who are Successful in Tax Paying and Gaining Foreign Currency to Our Country’ organized by Izmir Chamber of Trade at Izmir University of Economics and the awards have found their owners.
30 December, 2016

STD Hello to New Year Party:

STD family has celebrated the New Year with enthusiasm. At the celebration organized on December 30, table soccer contest is made and various gifts are given at the end of the drawing.
06 December, 2016

Dilovası Branch:

Nedim Uysal, the Honorary President of Norm Group, Nedim Uysal, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Group and Caner Melek, General manager of Standart Cıvata have visited Istanbul branch.
02 December, 2016

Companies are Competing Bowling Tournament:

At the Companies are Competing' bowling tournament organized by Fair Play, our GOLD TEAM-1 and GOLD TEAM-2 teams have attended on behalf of Standart Cıvata and displayed a performance.


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