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Our Quality Policy 

We, as Standart Cıvata, consider quality as a result of wise effort, not as a coincidence.  

Quality for us means meeting needs and expectations of our customers with the sense of excellence we have adopted in offering the products and services and following our customers’ judgements meticulously.  

For us; ‘quality is the responsibility of everyone’. Accordingly, we act with the sense of total quality management in all our systems and processes. In accordance with this, every suggestion transmitted to us is evaluated and used for creating added value.

Within the scope of our Quality policy, establishing, implementing, developing and providing sustainability of our Quality Management System and Quality Standards are the basis. 

While generating our quality, we take our strength from functionality, endurance, user-friendliness, reliability and esthetics properties in our products and from the principles of being solution-oriented, satisfaction, lucidity, accessibility, timeliness, reliability, professionalism, integrity, accuracy, continuity and flexibility in our services.     

We adopt 8 Quality Management Principles to establish the foundation of our Quality Management Standard:

1. Customer-oriented
2. Leadership
3. Participation of the Workers 
4. Process approach
5. System approach in management
6. Continuous improvement
7. Realist approach in decision taking
8. Relations with out-source suppliers providing mutual benefits

Our Quality Control Department Activities

By taking the principle of “write what you do, do what you write” as the basis in our activities in Quality Control Department; 
Control activities are performed with a solution- oriented and dynamic team with high quality awareness. 

Quality Control activities performed at the Department:

1. Measuring Controls:

    Caliper measuring: High - height - width – inner diameter - outer diameter measuring
    Micrometer measuring: Width - outer diameter measuring
    Surface gauge measuring: Height – level measurements on a piece
              Profile Projection measuring: Thread profile- thread dimensions - height - diameter - level measurements

2.   Gauge and Application Controls/Tests

3.   Other Activities:


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